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Available Surveys

College Going Self-Efficacy Scale 

Gibbons, M. M., & Borders, L. D. (2010). A measure of college-going self-efficacy for middle school students. Professional School Counseling, 13, 234-243. doi: 10.5330/PSC.n2010-13.234

CGSES scale Pdf


College Going Self-Efficacy Scale Short Form 

Hardin, E. E., Gibbons, M. M., Sexton, K., & Bagwell, L. (2020?).  Development and validation of a short form of the college-going self-efficacy scale. Manuscript submitted for publication

CGSES short version


Post-Secondary Supports 

Murphy, S., Hardin, E. E., Rosecrance, P., & Gibbons, M. M. (2020). The assessment of post-secondary supports: A new measure of an understudied SCCT construct. Manuscript submitted for publication

Original PSS Measure