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Available Surveys

College Going Self-Efficacy Scale 

Gibbons, M. M., & Borders, L. D. (2010). A measure of college-going self-efficacy for middle school students. Professional School Counseling, 13, 234-243. doi: 10.5330/PSC.n2010-13.234

CGSES scale


College Going Self-Efficacy Scale Short Form 

Hardin, E. E., Gibbons, M. M., Cook, K. D., Sexton, K., & Bagwell, L. (2020).  Development and validation of a short form of the college-going self-efficacy scale. Journal of Career Assessment.

CGSES short version


College Planning Behaviors Scale

Cook, K. D., Hardin, E. E., Gibbons, M. M., Johnson M., Peterson, C., Taylor, A., Murphy, A. (2021). Validation of the college planning behaviors scale. Manuscript submitted for publication

College Planning Behaviors Scale


Post-Secondary Supports 

Murphy, S., Hardin, E. E., Rosecrance, P., & Gibbons, M. M. (2020). The assessment of post-secondary supports: A new measure of an understudied SCCT construct. Manuscript submitted for publication

Original PSS Measure